PAUL: Authentic French Fare?


I really like this photo! It’s like a French-Bistro filled with asians, Singapore’s very own little Paris perhaps? It’s rather funny to look at too, since the diners don’t look the slightest bit happy.

Going outside, it looks much more Paris-ien, with more expats seated along the alfresco dining area.


Well, my favorite part of any bakery is the well-stocked glass casing… Think croissants, danishes, tarts and breads, all fresh out of the oven! They don’t only look good, they smell amazing. A genius way to attract customers. Free smells anyone?


Rows and rows of perfectly shaped, and rather large, macarons front the glass case, along with generously sized eclairs of all sorts, and a whole variety of tarts. A dessert lovers paradise.


Look at that decisive hand, pointing to the side, “I’ll have that (humongous) chocolate dome in the corner, please.”

photo 5 (89)

Finding a seat was no problem in this quaint cafe, as the staff promptly greeted me and my foodie friend to a seat upon greeting us with a bright small. Brownie points for good service!


My friend ordered the Carrot Juice ($7.80) which was freshly squeezed and bursting with orange-y beta carotene goodness.


Have any of you heard of Hot Vanilla before? I know Hot Chocolate is a crowd favorite, but for me, I’ll go for Hot Vanilla any day. It tastes like melted vanilla ice cream… Sweet, creamy, and frothy. The perfect hot drink to sip on after a long hard day.

Well, now that you know that about me, it’s no surprise then that I chose the Hot Vanilla Flavored Milk ($4.90) as the drink of my choice. It was rather disappointing though. It was only slightly warm when I was served, and it was on the brink of being too sweet. I much prefer Cafe Galilee’s Hot Vanilla to this.

photo 5 (88)

Instead of lunch, my friend chose to have the Hi-tea set ($12.90) instead. For my sweet toothed readers, listen carefully!

The set comes with your choice of tea, macarons, creme brulee and a slice of cake. Dessert, dessert and more dessert.


The tea was the Red Fruit Tea which was nice and fragrant. The creme brulee was really nice, and not too sweet. The top was perfectly torched, and cracked beautifully to reveal the creamy custardy centre.


The Macarons were amazing. Definitely better than Canele. I was impressed with high quality of their desserts. I would definitely recommend their high tea set.


The praises don’t stop there! Even their chocolate torte was nice and chocolatey, it was rich but a bit dry. But on the whole, their Hi-tea set was perfection on a plate.


Their savouries on the other hand, didn’t fare as well. In fact, they didn’t even come close to the standard of their sweet treats!

Omelette ($14.90)
The omelette is served with salad and an oven roasted tomato, which were average. The omelette was normal as well, rather forgettable. The omelette was not exactly kid-friendly, since they used higher quality cheese which may not have been suited to kiddy tastes. For food connoisseurs on the other hand, it’s a good thing! I was rather put off by the fact that it wasn’t served piping hot. I like my food hot, really hot.


Mushroom Crepe ($16.90)
They were generous with the mushrooms, however it was served only slightly warm as well, so it wasn’t as enjoyable. The salad and tomato, same as the one served with the omelette, was normal to say the least. Their crepe doesn’t come close to the ones they serve at Marche.


The crepe was thin, and filled with sauteed mushrooms, but that was it. It wasn’t bursting with ingredients like those at Marche. The crepe was rather tasteless too.



One thing they could work on is the presentation of the savouries, since the fare served is rather basic, presentation is key! After all, we are paying more than $10 for an omelette.

I liked the atmosphere, which was very comfortable and laid back. The service was impressive, with the friendly staff who were always checking up on us. I would only recommend their bakery items though, their savouries aren’t worth the price.

5/10 (Savouries)
8/10 (Desserts)

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