Eating Healthy in College: On a Budget

As you guys may already know, I’m contributing as an editor at Project Made Real.
Here’s a sneak peak on my latest post on Healthy Eating in College, on a budget!

Sneak Preview:
Today’s post marks the beginning of a five part series about Eating Healthy in College. I decided to start this series, since many people are worried about putting on the Freshmen 15, or perhaps in Singapore, the Supper 7. (Endless suppers in university are bound to have some effect)
Many of us are just starting out in university, or will be starting our lives in university soon. Even if you’ve already been through university, or you’re still in school uniform, this series can be applicable to you too!

fruitsThe first post of the series will be about Eating Healthily On A Budget!

It is no doubt that eating healthily can be quite a costly affair, especially if you aren’t preparing your own food. In college, you’re pretty much always eating out or in the school canteens.
So how do you make the healthier choice, without busting your wallet?

Well, to find out more, head on over to Project Made Real for my full post!

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