Bunny & Pony: A completely irr(elephant) name

Just like my title, Bunny&Pony has absolutely nothing to do with the ice cream store itself. Or at least, I failed to see any link to a bunny or a pony, let alone both.

I rarely go all the way to Changi since it’s on the other end of Singapore. But on this fine day, (twas National Day) I made a trip all the way down, and stumbled upon this little gem of an ice cream cafe. There were about 3 other ice cream cafes along the same stretch, and we finally decided on this cafe cause they had more interesting flavours and nice furniture.

More importantly, we chose this cafe because we could smell the buttery goodness from the waffles. When in doubt, follow your nose!

They had some pretty funky names for their waffle combos, which like it’s name, didn’t serve a purpose in helping me understand the combination any better. I would have been satisfied with Waffle with Single Scoop Ice Cream and cereal toppings or something like that.

At least, that’s what I’ll remember my order as!

So I had a single scoop of Mango Ice Cream on a freshly-made waffle.


It was topped with chocolate sauce, strawberries, sliced bananas and sprinklings of cereal that was similar to Kellogg’s Blueberry Morning. All finished off with a snowy dust of icing sugar. The toppings were nothing to shout about, I mean it wasn’t like they gave me freshly made granola instead of a commercial cereal right? Fruits will be fruits… and the chocolate sauce was the usual commercial kind too.


BUT the waffle was good. Really good, perhaps on par with Assembly Coffee and The Daily Scoop. The ice cream was lovely too, very smooth and light, especially with the slight tanginess from the mango. I would have been happy with just the icecream and the waffle, sans all the toppings.

My foodie in crime had another waffle combination…


It came like this at first, cause the cotton candy fell off. Yes, that’s right. COTTON CANDY. Not just a few flimsy bits of fluff, but an entire ball of cotton candy on a stick. Haha, it was too bulky for the waffle to support.

In terms of presentation, it was just WOW. A platter of waffles, ice cream, popcorn and cotton candy? Sugar rush!!


Waffles were amazing as well. The nutella ice cream (I think) was good too, my foodie friend was clearly in chocolate bliss. This was definitely instagram-worthy, for the few seconds the cotton candy would stay in place. It was still good stuff though, and I would recommend this over my earlier order.


That said, the prices were steep. Ranging from $12-15 for the waffles (compared to the super affordable and equally yummy offerings at The Daily Scoop), I probably wouldn’t be a regular here. I could get the equivalent of two waffles with ice cream at The Daily Scoop. Yumz.

Considering that the toppings were all commercially made, I wasn’t impressed at the price tag. I do give them two thumbs up for presentation though. So if you’re willing to pay for an instagram-worthy photo, then sure go ahead. You’ll be assured of good ice cream and waffles, at a hefty price tag that is.

Rating: 7/10 (minus one for price)


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