A taste of Philippines

When I think of Philippines, I think of tropical fruits and the more unique delicacies like dried tamarinds , dried mangoes or for the more adventurous… balut, which is a developing bird embryo. I never expected Philippines to have a good number of producers who make halal food and even organic food products!

I’ve collaborated once with Cris, when she sent me Pili nuts to review. This time, I’ve been introduced to yet another array of goodies that have been imported from Philippines. These food products have also passed food certifications such as Halal, ISO, USDA Organic and Japanese Agricultural Standard. There was even tuna and organic rice in the package that she sent to me!

There were some that I didn’t really like, such as the coconut chocolate. It would have been tastier if it was filled with actual coconut cream, instead of coconut cream powder.

Of those I have tried, here are some of my favourites:

1) Dried Chocolate-coated Mango Strips

Guadalupe dried mangoes

Philippines is known for their mangoes, there was no doubt why this tasted so good! Chocolate and mangoes… you can’t really go wrong with these two!

2) Banana chips

Healthy Tropics chips

I was sent the banana chips to try, and they were good. I’m a fan of fruit chips, and these didn’t disappoint. I’ve tried jackfruit chips, durian chips… but banana chips are always a safe choice.

3) Malagos Chocolate

Malagos chocolate

I don’t really like chocolate because I get a sore throat really easily. But Malagos Chocolate does a good dark chocolate. I had the 65% dark chocolate bar and it was a good balance of bitter with a tiny hint of sweet. It’s definitely a healthier choice, and you can taste that it’s different from the commercial brands like Cadbury and Hersheys. A good kind of different.

I was impressed with the selection and the quality of the products, since I usually expect food products from the United States and Canada to be of a better quality. But Philippines… I must say, they are a upcoming player in the food industry! I think Singapore is making a smart decision to import from nearby countries since it not only supports this growing industry within Southeast Asia, and it also reduces the carbon pollution of importing such large quantities of food products!

Two thumbs up to Philippines Trade Industry for being so creative in developing these products, without compromising on quality.

I would definitely support your products, especially Malagos Chocolate hehe 😛

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