Blogging Principles

*Disclaimer: These principles are as of 21 March 2015, photos taken and uploaded (way) before this post may have been edited cause I may have shared it directly from Instagram!*

As a food blogger, I aim to inform but not impose my views on a place or certain food that I tried. For that reason, my blog posts tend to be more detailed than others, and I describe the food in terms of taste, texture and palatability to the best of my ability.

My 3 blogging principles are:
1) To inform
2) To be credible
3) To be honest

Some bloggers edit their photos, but I assure you, that the photos I post are not re-touched. (Apart from those with my face in it, cause that may need some covering up hahaha)

Have you seen what photoshop can do?

And I’ve never had hokkien mee served to me looking like this:

It usually looks a bit more like this:

Splat! Here's your hokkien mee.
Splat! Here’s your hokkien mee.

It’s not that I have anything against or food bloggers who do edit their photos. They simply follow a different set of principles. I personally wouldn’t be very pleased if what they showed me didn’t accurately reflect what I was going to be getting. That said, it’s not a bad thing to want to make your food look good to entice readers.

I want to provide my readers with a honest view of the food I was served, so that they can have a realistic expectations when they go to that same eatery.

If my post was littered with edited posts, it’s more likely that you’ll be disappointed when you arrive at the place.

Imagine expecting something like this;

And ending up being greeted with this:


They both probably taste good… but there’s a huge difference in aesthetics.
I know would be disappointed.

So, even though some places may have atrocious lighting, armed with my iPhone (will be investing in a DSLR soon, any sponsors? Heehee), I’ll capture what I can for you guys to see. Even if it may come out looking rather ugly, at least what you see is what you get… at the most you’ll be more impressed when you see it in person!

For me, succeeding in blogging is not about having the most page views (and maybe the most number of disappointed customers) but rather having an honest, open relationship with my readers who know that they can trust what they read on my blog. That is what credibility is about.

So read on, my dear reader, because you can have faith in me to tell you how to distinguish from the good, the bad, and the hungry.

You’ll be sure which direction to head after that, so take your marks… Ready…set… FOOGO! 😀

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