WIAW: Sweet Treats Galore

Hello friends and fellow foodies!

It’s time for… *drumroll please*… What-I-Ate-Wednesday!! Even though it’s actually Thursday in Singapore.

It has been ages since my last WIAW post. This is only my third WIAW post actually, so I’m still pretty new to this whole game. My fellow Singaporean bloggers have yet to hop on the bandwagon. Hopefully, my fellow healthy foodies like Grace and Sheryl will give WIAW a go sometime?

My eats may seem pretty foreign to those of you who don’t live in Singapore, but take it as a mini food tour of sorts of things we have on offer here!

Instagram is quite big these days, so I decided to buy freshly made yam cream swiss rolls from Qianhan who sells her bakes on instagram (@qianhanny). They were sold in sets of two rolls, so cake ended up on my breakfast table. I mean, I’ve got to eat it while its fresh right?

photo 4 (87)
They were filled with a lovely yam cream, not too sweet thankfully, which had some chunks of yam. The swissroll was topped with dessicated coconut and chocolate shavings too. Mmm, I love dessicated coconut.

Of course, cake isn’t enough for breakfast, so I gobbled down 3 apricots for dessert after dessert. As if I’m not already sweet enough. These apricots were so sweet and juicy.

I’m not sure if apricots look like this overseas, but these were pretty small, about half the size of a nectarine in fact! Nonetheless, I really enjoyed them.


I tried to get some greens in at lunch. A commendable effort I must say! I ordered the Grilled Vegetables and Brie Sandwich on Soft Country Bread from Gastronomia da Paolo at Cluny Court. I’ve reviewed them here recently.
photo 4 (88)

Mickey D’s were pretty nearby so I decided to give in to my super sweet tooth today. I had a vanilla cone. Don’t you just love swirly vanilla cones? They are my favorite type of ice cream. I would choose swirly vanilla cones over high end gelato any day. It must have been my lucky day cause those swirls are lookin’ good.


I’m Chinese, and I’m proud of it. Even though my verbal proficiency, and literacy skills for Chinese isn’t great, I’m Asian, and I’ll always go back to my roots. So… on the table for dinner is NOODLES!

I went to a local eatery, aptly named EAT. I ordered the Fishball Tang Hoon Noodles in Soup (right) while my friend had Laksa. If I were to translate it to something foreigners would understand, I would say that I ordered ‘Balls of Fishpaste with Glass noodles in Clear Soup’… something along those lines.

photo 5 (71)

The dish on the left is Laksa, which is a spicy coconut-milk gravy poured over thick rice noodles.
I also ordered a side dish of fried beancurd/firm tofu to share. It was good, although the fact that it was fried probably ruined the virtuous aspect of beancurd.

Well, there you have it! These are my eats for today… Ah yes, I always forget to take a photo of my snacks though, but you can use your imagination and throw in an apple, an orange and a banana since those are pretty much what I snack on all day.

Here are some questions because questions are fun for everyone:

What’s your favorite Chinese dish?

How do you cook your tofu?

Would you prefer cheap (but oh-so-good) swirly vanilla cones or quality gelato?

Breakfast blues. (in a good way)

Just a short post, here’s one of my recent breakfasts, wholegrain flaxseed waffles topped with blueberries and crunchy peanut butter.

Waffles 😀


I just toasted the waffles, and then added the blueberries and peanut butter halfway through. Look at the blueberries! They are indigo blobs of goodness, on the brink of exploding like pretty purple paintballs.

Simple and healthy, this is a breakfast idea for you to try 🙂

Here’s a nicer shot,

Who says healthy eating doesn’t taste good?