Recipe: Steamed Salmon and Veg

Salmon, steamed veg and egg topped with mushrooms

This is my ultimate favorite meal. Plus, its so easy to make! Just marinate the salmon with some salt, pepper and paprika, and steam it along with the vegetables. The salmon releases all its good-for-you omega 3 oils as you steam it, so you can enjoy a juicy salmon when its done! Steaming also helps to retain all the natural flavors of the fish and vegetables. 

For this meal, I included an egg, topped with some sauteed mushrooms. A delicious, but optional addition.

Stay healthy, wealthy and wise! 🙂

Snowflake Ice

Snowflake Ice.

Hey all, I just came back from a food trip to Kuala Lumpur, and we discovered this amazing dessert place called Snowflake Ice. They serve their desserts with their signature shaved ice (Soy ice, grass jelly ice, and other flavors like sesame once in a while) with toppings like grass jelly, red beans, peanuts, pearls and TARO BALLS.

Their chewy taro balls are supposed to be their signature topping.

They do sell hot desserts as well, which are tasty too, but I recommend the original soy ice with 3 toppings of your choice before you try their other creations.

Their cold dessert is even better eaten on a hot day (like today).

Rating: 9/10