Churrosity worth your curiosity?

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You follow the tantalizing smell of cinnamon, visions of freshly made churros coated generously with sweet specks of cinnamon sugar running through your mind… all those fond childhood memories come rushing back at you. And then you see it, a small store amidst the hustle and bustle of Holland Village, Churrosity. 

You hurry across the street, only one thing on your mind, churros, pronto. You order one original churro, (why mess with a divine creation?), fork out $2.50 (Money isn’t an issue when it comes to food), only to be handed a barely warm churro, half the size of what you’re normally given.

Disappointment begins to set in.. still the smell of cinnamon sugar gets to you, and you take a bite of sugary, mouthwatering goodness… wait what? The churro is not what you expected, in fact it doesn’t even come close to what you expected. It doesn’t dissolve into a million delicious pieces forming delectable little rainbows to dance with your tastebuds, its nothing like that. So much for freshly made churros. Its even on the verge of being tough, oh, how i miss the sweet churro I used to know.

Although it looks good, as you can see in the picture, the churros from Churrosity, don’t taste as good as it looks. Its a far cry from the churros I used to buy at funfairs, and make shift carnivals. Hopefully they’ll start to fry their churros fresh, rather than keeping them warm in the little metal case. That, and they have got to increase the size of their churros! Only about 20cm for $2.50? I’d rather buy a curry puff or a frosty.

If I had to sum all that up into one line, no animosity intended, I’m sad to say Churrosity is not worth your curiosity. 

Rating: 4/10

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